Importance of e-learning
in Organizational Growth!

Indeed, the subscribers for e-learning courses from various websites are growing day by day. People do focus on career growth. Organizations want their talents to be future proof by equipping themselves with the knowledge on latest technology. However, organizing an Instructor-Led Training program is not that flexible for all the organizations, in terms of budget, time and feasibility.

In fact, one of the articles written by Steve Olenski says 84% of global executives ranked employee learning as very important. Also, statistics says every dollar invested in online training results in a $30 increase in productivity. Isn’t that amazing?

In United States, spending on corporate training has increased to $70 billion. This cannot be a joke. The spending on employee training can never be expenses, but investment. If the right platform is chosen for the e-learning courses, the Return On Investment (ROI) will be truly unbelievable.

For a fact, a survey done by a reliable resource says, 68% of the work force believes training and development is one of the most important workplace policies. 40% of the employees who receives poor job training leave their positions in the first year.

A case-study says, IBM saved $200 million after switching to e-learning!

Now, it’s time for your organization to explore the possibilities of shifting to e-learning!

Think before you sign up with an e-learning platform.

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